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Friends Only...

Sorry guys friends only

comment to be added
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ontario!! fun stuff. i wanna be added! mew, please? ^_^ your journal seems purdy.
Haha yes ontario (California that is)
and thanx

Added <3!!

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hey i found your old journal through a community and noticed that you too (like me) went from 'punk' to total opposite, i think that's cool cuz most people it's the other way around, i also love christina aguilera and *love* your layout.. so if you want.. add me


and thanx!
hey cute journal. May i be added? <33
sorry i took so long
but if u still wanna be added
ill add u
sorry* :(
hey cute journal. hope you don't mind that i added you! add me back? <333
aw i'm not so sure how i stubbled across your journal, but you seem nice :) i added you, add me? <33
hehe yes added



14 years ago

hey i dont know you...but you go to my school.
can i read your journal pweese?
hey i am perfectly_pink's friend, i hope u add me =)
yah ill add u
heys im back

Hey Kathy, it's Lillian. I got a new LJ username, add me!
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